BONKFATHER Magic - when life gives you BONK instead of Bitcoin, make it magical! These NFTs are your ticket to the whimsical world of crypto mishaps. Grab 'em before the meme train leaves the station!

Limited enchantments available!
Trade some giggles for BONKFATHER wonders


Token Symbol: $BONKFATHER
Total Supply: 1.5 Billion $BONKFATHER
This number mirrors the number of calves globally, grounding the token in a fun and factual aspect of reality.
Liquidity Pool: 93% (1,395,000,000 $BONKFATHER)
The majority of tokens will be dedicated to ensuring liquidity. This ensures that $BONKFATHER remains accessible and exchangeable on various platforms, establishing trust and stability within the community.
Centralized Exchange & Development Fund: 7% (105,000,000 $BONKFATHER)
Held in a secure multi-signature wallet, these tokens are earmarked for future centralized exchange listings, creating bridges, and expanding liquidity pools. The multi-sig wallet structure ensures transparency, security, and the collective decision-making process for fund deployment.

Listen what to Robert Downey Jr. has to say about Bonkfather


Each Bonkfather is algorithmically generated to be a comedic masterpiece, combining 170+ chuckle-worthy traits with varying hilarity across categories.

Limited enchantments available!
Trade some giggles for Bonkfather wonders

Vision & Roadmap

The ($BONK) envisions creating an accessible and transparent platform for individuals worldwide. While playful in its name, the token seeks to challenge the status quo, becoming a significant player in the decentralized finance space and serving as a herald for new and bullish trends in cryptocurrency.

Official token launch.
Listing on decentralized exchanges.
Community building and initial marketing campaigns.

Q1 2024:
Pursue listings on major centralized exchanges.
Initiate bridge development to make $BONKFATHER accessible across multiple blockchains.

Q2 2024:
Develop partnerships with financial platforms and services for added utility and exposure.
Hold community votes to determine the next development steps and allocation of resources from the Centralized Exchange & Development Fund.

Q3 2024 and Beyond:
Regular community updates, ensuring transparency and continuous engagement.
Exploring possibilities of integrating with other financial tools, DeFi projects, and platforms.
Expansion of the ecosystem surrounding the $BONKFATHER.


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